• Jeanie RIDDLE
from January 10th to February 07th, 2009

California is an in-situ project that uses a gallery’s expanse as the primary surface area to develop an ambitious architectural installation that shifts
freely between strict formalism and the potential of an expanded painting. A formal architectural frame is built on site and acts as a still of domesticity or decoration. Loosely referencing the mid century California bungalow and using an inventory of stock materials -cubes, artificial grasses, plexi-glass, paint, etc…the sculpture questions the realness of a thing, one that has been enhanced, painted or grouped in a forced contrast-the hard and soft of the thing. California is a contained total space relating back to minimalism proper (EG: Carl André, Ad Reinhardt, Donald Judd) and uses this course as a logical progression to situate a rendition of a present- the (female) artist was here, making and taking place and dreaming of humanity.

California reverie. Erase the past. Wide open. Ocean, architecture, trees, cities, highways, desserts and forests. Bungalows, pre-fab, plastic and color. Sky, sunshine, drugs, hip hop, jazz and love.

Jeanie Riddle holds an MFA from Concordia University (2005). Trained in painting, Riddle has been developing a sculptural installation practice rooted in the techniques and ideals of modernist painting since 2002. Her installation work has been presented across Canada at The New Gallery 15+ project (Calgary), Optica (Montreal) and YYZ (Toronto) and her collaborative work includes exhibitions at Centre des arts actuels SKOL (Montreal) and Alley Jaunt (Toronto). Riddle was the recipient of a full fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center in May 2005 and a finalist of the 2008 Royal Bank of Canada’s Canadian Painting competition. She has an upcoming exhibition at the Illington Kerr Gallery (Calgary) in 2009.

Jeanie wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Canada Council for the arts and the support of Nick Tedeschi, Silvia Casas and Jean-Guy Poulin. Finally, Geoffrey Jones for his design and collaboration.

Article de David Elliot dans Canadian Art, automne 2009

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