• Duo Christian&Anne
Saturday, October 21 2017, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm



[the shambling minotaur) stalks (hallways, unseen] by day, shift and semble [at night) we search for one another, following but the briefest glimpse of a rope that snakes throughout this many layered labyrinth, a refracting prism of parallel possibilities split between corridors leading nowhere and beings who are transmogrifying from one form to another and back again, pushing and pulling, a living cord stretched between (two envelopes of skin] stutter as they accept breath and feet scuff the swollen floor in fraught anticipation of what lies at the other end of [this fluctuating strand) inverts from slack to taut and coil to whip, its supine form supple in potential and ready to snap (at a moment’s notice] one must be prepared to dash — fleeing or reaching toward symmetry — to pry beneath the heavy, encrusted panels of this building’s flesh in a lonesome search for the other [who dares to tread these honeycomb halls) and fill the very air with the echoes of their existence, this rope the only tangible evidence of their passage along (the selfsame path I walk] has been walked [before) I took this breath, (I heard another breathe] as they collated moments [without us knowing) we have become one thing, a thing of many parts, unaware of the whole, strewn about in ignorant darkness with but a single pinprick of light describing clarity (amongst all that dusky void] my presence was an artifact [I could not help but leave) because your rules became barriers (to overcome].

-Cian Cruise


The work of Christian & Anne (Christian Bujold and Anne Parisien) relates architectural space and mathematical notions (trajectories and surface planes, convex, concave, parallel, empty, full, power relations, etc.) in order to explore relationships to the body and its relation to the other. Together, but separated, invisible from one another, they attempt to flee or to find themselves through minimalist states, evolving in the duration and in the expectation of what the other makes or incarnates. Working at times from narratives or archetypes, they exchange roles through a relationship of attraction and simultaneous repulsion. Between control and chaos, they play with the physical limits of the defined spaces and put as much into the possibilities presented as the circumstances produce.

Christian & Anne began their collective practice in 2011. They have presented their work at various events, within the context of VIVA! Art Action (centre Verticale), at the Darling Foundry and at the Musée d’art de Joliette in collaboration with Stéphane Gilot, and they also participated in the International Symposium Exist-5 at Queensland College of Art, in Australia.