So | 30th Anniversary | Fire and Origins

Performance Section
    Du 12 mai au 16 juin


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    Guest curator : Janick Burn

    This program began as a performative archaeology of CIRCA art actuel’s milieu, the art practices occurring there and, more specifically, those of the performance artists taking part in this 30thanniversary event. From this perspective, it was first necessary to think about how this milieu and its practices appeared.

    According to philosopher Hannah Arendt, action is the ability to begin. Action in which the future is unknown gives rise to community, which exists as long as we act. If this stops, the community dies out but can be revived in new configurations. We are here to constantly act, to start again and to redo work. By this very fact, the traces of the origin are blurred among the numerous beginnings, which are created anew at every step. 

    To look at the action, at the beginning, is also to compare the recurring motifs, the cycles that are carried on: the wish to assert them while preserving them or to invert them by altering them. Thus a reflection about time has developed. The exercise of celebrating an anniversary involves understanding the past in order to engage with the present. But this present disappears imperceptibly, becoming the passed as soon as it is lived. Consequently, narratives of the before and the now, the deferred and the instantaneous, are superimposed.


    The artists taking part in these conditions are Sophie Castonguay with the weight of the word that inhabits in our bodies, Jean-Sébastien Vaguewith the inaccessible spaces that collect dust and Hugo Nadeau with an appropriation of influential disappearances.



    Schedule of performances
    CIRCA current art, Gallery II – 372 Sainte-Catherine St. W, Montreal, H3B 1A2

    Saturday, May 12 at 3 pm – Sophie Castonguay
    Saturday, May 26 at 2 pm (Duration approximately 3 hours) – Jean-Sébastien Vague
    Saturday, June 9 at 3 pm – Hugo Nadeau
    Saturday, June 16 from 2 pm to 3:30 pm – Round table moderated by Janick Burn, with the participation of author and art critic Jean-Émile Verdier and artists Sophie Castonguay, Hugo Nadeau and Jean-Sébastien Vague.